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The Law Offices of Evan Braunstein provides fixed fee services for all of your Los Angeles divorce and family law needs. Unlike most other family law attorneys, we do not bill by the hour but rather charge a fixed fee for our work on your case. This efficient billing approach offers you the predictability of knowing how much our services will cost and the assurance of knowing that everything necessary will be done. You will be able to talk to us and ask questions without wondering how much the call will cost. We provide all clients with free 24x7 online access so that you can safely and securely view all of your documents as well as an updated calendar and timeline detailing the status, progress and due dates in your case. With more than ten years of experience representing clients in a variety of divorce and family law matters, our goal is to aggressively protect your interests without the financial and emotional burden of unnecessary litigation.

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  • It is impossible to quantify what Evan has done for me and my family. After years of turmoil, Evan navigated some very sensitive situations, always keeping my family’s best interests at heart. Evan delivered great results in an incredibly efficient and reasonable manner… Continue reading

    - Megan
  • I called Evan at 7 am, he picked up. I called him THAT SAME day at 11pm, he picked up. Case close… Continue reading

    - Jeff
  • Evan Braunstein is great! He helped me get through one of the most annoying and difficult times of my life. He was honest, and that means a lot to me. Some people will tell you what you want to hear. He told me the good and the bad, and when it was over, it was all good… Continue reading

    - Greg G.
  • Evan is a wonderful family law attorney. I hired him for my personal case and was very satisfied with my settlement. He is dependable, professional, and really cares about his clients. He is extremely knowledgable and helped me through a very difficult time… Continue reading

    - Juliet

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    How to Move on after Divorce

    Monday, April 22nd, 2019
    Categories: Blog, Filing for Divorce

    Divorce might feel like the end of the world. Having seen yourself as part of a couple for years, you now must return to being single. Many people struggle with the adjustment.

    Helpfully, there are concrete steps you can take that will allow you to move on after your divorce. As a seasoned Los Angeles divorce lawyer, I have seen some clients flounder after receiving their divorce decree, but I have also seen many more clients flourish. Here are tips for living your best life after divorce.

    First, Mourn

    You aren’t doing yourselves any favors if you don’t allow yourself to mourn the loss of your relationship. As WebMD recommends, you should make a space for these negative emotions but don’t dwell on them. One option is to keep a diary in which you write about feelings of grief and unhappiness, but once you close the diary, you try to maintain a positive outlook.

    Get Physically Active

    Being physically active will help you feel better—just the release of endorphins should lift your mood. However, physical activity is also something that can occupy your mind and allow you to meet people. Join a pickup basketball league or a walking group. Take up tennis, golf, or bowling. Whatever you do, don’t do it alone.

    Accept Yourself

    This is a tough one. After a divorce, you might blame yourself for the marriage’s failure. You need to forgive yourself for your flaws. No one is perfect.

    Of course, this is easier said than done. Just how do you learn to accept yourself? One way could be to take up a creative hobby, such as memoir writing, which allows you to think critically about your life but in a non-judgmental way. Writing a memoir could be a way to figure out who you truly are.

    Try Something New

    Life immediately after a divorce might seem topsy-turvy. You could be trying to find a new place to live and handling childcare responsibilities on your own. However, this is the perfect time to do something different. Do something you were too afraid to try before. Some options include:

    • Get a different haircut. Women could try a pixie cut while men could shave their entire heads bald.
    • Go on a trip to someplace new, even if it is only for the weekend.
    • Take a college class in a subject that has always interested you. There are many night classes or weekend classes for people who work.
    • Pick up a new hobby, such as dancing or pottery. Remember, choose something that you have been afraid to do before.


    Instead of focusing on returning to who you were before you were married, you can make personal growth the focus of the next few years.

    Date When Ready

    You might hate being single. Some people really hate being single. Also, your ex could have immediately remarried right after the divorce, so you might feel pressure to get into a relationship.

    However, it’s best to wait until you are truly ready. A little alone time can’t hurt, and you shouldn’t compare yourself to your ex. You’ll know when you want to get back out onto the dating scene, so trust your instincts.

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