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What to expect in your Family Law Case as things begin to reopen

Friday, May 8th, 2020
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Stay at home orders have been in effect for what feels like forever and with the possibility of things opening up in the very near future, people are understandably anxious to get back to “normal” for their family law cases to be heard and move forward. However, all indications are that things will not immediately go back to the way they were and that the reopening of the state and the courts will be gradual.

So what does this mean for courthouses and your family law case?

No one is completely sure about when the courthouses plan to resume “normal” operations. It is important to manage your expectations about when and how your case will be heard. Chances are, if you already had a hearing scheduled prior to the courthouse closures, it has been continued. This may continue to happen and it is expected that the courts will have a lengthly backlog of cases that still need to be heard. Current estimates are that cases could see a delay of up to six months, but again, no one is completely sure since th information is constantly changing. The expectation is that the cases the court deems to be the most urgent will be heard first and then the remainder will be heard after.

The courts may also not look or function like they used to before coronavirus. Social distancing will most likely still be enforced, courthouses may be restricted to essential people only, and more cases and mediations may be heard or conducted by phone or virtually over platforms such as Zoom.

What if you want to file for Divorce right now?

Los Angeles Family Law Attorney Evan Braunstein is here to help you with all of your family law needs, including divorces during the coronavirus pandemic. If you have already made the decision to file for divorce, there is no reason to delay filing your petition. Deciding to file for divorce is a big step and we are here to assist you with everything that entails. This will help ensure that you are properly prepared and able to move forward once the courts reopen.

We are open and ready to assist you

The Law Offices of Evan Braunstein are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Our work here is essential and we remain open and committed to assisting our clients with their family law needs. 

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