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"Would Definitely Recommend Him to Anyone"

Evan represented me in my divorce while I lived in Michigan and my ex-wife filed in Santa Monica. He was very timely and thorough on getting everything done and guiding me through the process. I found his judgment and advice sound, and would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer. I also found him very pleasant to work with, I think he legitimately tried to understand my perspective and had my best interests at heart.

Sam Y.
"Justice Was Served"

Worth. Every. Penny! And then some! You want a lawyer who under promises and over delivers? You want a lawyer who will thoroughly investigate every possible scenario and outcome? You want to win? Then Evan is the answer. Keen intelligence, just an absolute boss. At first meeting, Evan may not appear to be the incredible warrior that he is judging by his calm exterior but rest assured...he will slay for you. Two years of an extremely complex case that Evan just owned. I am absolutely beaming. He held my hand through the nightmare and justice was served after years of defense. You have no idea how much I appreciate this man!

Rachel M.
"He Does a Terrific Job"

After interviewing several lawyers I decided to go with Evan bc I was immediately impressed by his attention to detail and his ability to explain things to me with knowledge and patience. One of Evan's best qualities is his transparency and authenticity. I always knew exactly where I stood in my case, what my options were and of course Evans knowledgable, constructive advice. I believe there is no one who could have taken my case and had a better outcome than Evan did. He does a terrific job dealing with opposing council and has a great track record. I have already referred two of my friends to Evans law firm and I can't recommend him to anyone reading this review enough.

Lindsay D.
"Always Clear -- Very Thoughtful"

Evan recently helped me re-negotiate my settlement agreement. Evan is very direct, professional, and to-the-point. He's not going to coddle you, which I imagine some people need, but I needed a lawyer, not a cheerleader. He will tell you what he thinks can be done and what cannot be done. I prefer someone who will tell me what's possible and not waste my time; Evan was always clear on what could be done and what was unlikely. He is very thoughtful and remembers what you told him is important to you, even when you forget, which is easy to do during such stressful discussions. Evan never rushed me or made me feel like I was wasting time, which says a lot since the flat-fee approach might lead a less considerate attorney to rush through meetings. Evan is very organized and I never felt like I had to continually catch him up on my status. He called when he said he'd call me and answered all my emails. I hope I never need him again, but I would definitely rehire him and I have recommended him to others.

Matt P.
"Proved Himself Worthy of My Trust"

I hired Evan Braunstein because I needed to modify my custody arrangement with my child's father. Evan worked diligently and persistently in getting the family court's permission for my daughter and me to leave the state of California, and he was able to have child visitation rearranged to my satisfaction. He was very good about answering all of my persistent questions. He was excellent at being able to steer me back toward the legal and practical viewpoints that I sometimes lost sight off due to emotions surrounding the case. He is fair and sensible, and very capable in court. He proved himself worthy of my trust in his abilities. I really liked the fee-for-service payment plan--that way there were no surprises. His use of a web portal for sharing messages and documents was so easy and helpful. I highly recommend him!

Erin F.
"A Great Attorney"

Evan is a great Attorney. He is willing to work with the client to ensure the best possible result for everyone involved. I definitely fell like he cares about his clients and is interested in understanding their specific situation. Evan is incredibly helpful in working through the mountains of documents necessary in every legal case. The amazing part is that I never met him in person. He was able to work my case entirely by phone and internet. Evan's use of technology is well beyond any typical attorney. If you need a great attorney, hire Evan Braunstein.

Richard D.
"One of the Best Family Law Attorneys"

Evan is one of the best family law attorneys I've ever known. When I found out that my 23+ year marriage was coming to an end, everyone told me that I really needed good representation. Looking through many of the online review sites, I decided upon The Law Offices of Evan Braunstein and have been happy ever since. He helped me through this extremely tough period in my life, took the time to get me more than I ever thought possible, and was extremely fair with his compensation. I highly recommend Evan Braunstein to anyone who needs a trustworthy lawyer and friend.

Shane L.
"Impressed by His Dedication"

I have known Evan Braunstein for a few years now. I am very impressed with his legal knowledge, skill, and results he has obtained in some very challenging cases. I am also impressed by his dedication to his clients. From time to time, I will seek his advice on complex legal issues encountered in my practice. Evan has my highest recommendation as a family law attorney.

K. Christopher
"The Results of My Case Were Far Better"

Mr. Braunstein is a no-nonsense professional attorney. He constantly reassured me that he will do his best to make the outcome of my case as close too if not exactly what I wanted out of it and sure enough the results of my case were far better than I expected. I would highly recommend his services for any family law case.

Rigo F.
"Best and Most Professional"

The best and most professional guy. He has made my life so much easier.

Travis F.
"Smart, Efficient, Personable"

It is impossible to quantify what Evan has done for me and my family. After years of turmoil, Evan navigated some very sensitive situations, always keeping my family's best interests at heart. Evan delivered great results in an incredibly efficient and reasonable manner. He's smart, efficient, personable, and the perfect combination of patience and persistence. I trust Evan implicitly in family law matters, now and always.

"Excellent Attorney - above and beyond"

My experience with Mr. Braunstein was wonderful given the circumstances (divorce/complex custody issues). Mr. Braunstein provided thoughtful and out-of-the-box suggestions to help resolve some of our most complex issues. His suggestions confirmed that he wasn’t just giving “legal advice” but advice that was in the best interest of our children from the standpoint of the present and THEIR future – which is what will be remnant in the years to come when the divorce has long been settled.

Mr. Braunstein was very fair, practical and went above and beyond to follow-up to ensure that all bases were covered. He always made me feel as if he genuinely cared and had our best interest at heart.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Braunstein.

"Great Pre-Nup Attorney"

I called Evan at 7 am, he picked up. I called him THAT SAME day at 11pm, he picked up. Case closed.

Evan Braunstein is great! He helped me get through one of the most annoying and difficult times of my life. He was honest, and that means a lot to me. Some people will tell you what you want to hear. He told me the good and the bad, and when it was over, it was all good.

I have two kids and an ex-wife, although we are divorced we are still a family. We are all happy and get along great. I do not think this would have been possible without Evan Braunstein.

I can't thank you enough Evan, I'm glad I found you!

Greg G.
Evan is a wonderful family law attorney. I hired him for my personal case and was very satisfied with my settlement. He is dependable, professional, and really cares about his clients. He is extremely knowledgable and helped me through a very difficult time.

“Genuine and Attentive”

Divorce is really hard. I had expected the legal part to be a nightmare. And it simply wasn't. And I fully credit Evan for this. From our first meeting, he addressed all my concerns with precise information. He explained everything upfront. And although little about a divorce is easy to swallow... at least there were zero surprises. And I was prepared for the realities of the process and its potential outcomes.

He was the anti-stereotype. He was attentive, genuine, and worked very hard for my interests. He was fair, honest, and reliable at every step of my divorce. He was kind and compassionate in a hard time - and took the stress out of what could have been a terribly confusing and anxiety-ridden legal battle.

Documents and communications were clear, regular, and user-friendly. Calls and questions were attended to personally within a day, by him, not an assistant. He was flexible with my complicated parenting and work schedule. And far from drag his feet, he pushed my case through much quicker than I had expected. His fee structure removed an enormous amount of anxiety. It was so straightforward and so fair. And I suspect it was far less than most would pay for the top-notch service he provides.

In addition to the legal support, I felt like Evan really cared about me and about my children and our future. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I was really comforted by this, in a time when comfort was crucial. He was not old and callous and jaded, and that mattered to me. Also, he is quite funny and personable, so if you want a cold, businesslike, stereotypical lawyer he is not your guy.

I always joke that I will use him for my next divorce. My boyfriend does not think it is funny... but that is how much I appreciated his experienced support. God willing there will never be one... but if there is... I'd definitely know where to go.

“Amazing Level of Service”

I was aware that the circumstances surrounding my divorce were kind of particular, but after meeting with three different family attorneys from prominent firms in Los Angeles, I was left feeling discouraged and unsure of what to do. It wasn’t until my sister found Evan on Avvo that I decided to contact another family law attorney. Upon my initial conversation with Evan, I had more understanding of the divorce and custody process than I had in my three previous consultations. Evan not only informed me of the various, possible outcomes of my somewhat unusual case, but he thoroughly explained what each phase of the divorce would entail. Not only was I continuously updated with the status of my case, but Evan provided me with sound counsel and was always available to address my concerns.

Although I wasn’t sure of what the outcome of my case would be, Evan’s thorough knowledge of family law, kept me feeling confident throughout the entire duration of my divorce. He genuinely cared about my case and dedicated a lot of attention to the various details. My divorce process was smoother than I could ever have imagined and Evan’s level of service was outstanding, to say the least.

His level of expertise, along with his amazing work ethic, efficient methods of communication and his conveniently fixed rate, all surpassed my highest expectations. I am very fortunate to have found him. I would not recommend anyone other than Evan Braunstein to handle a family law case.

"Thorough and thoughtful"

Evan navigated me through the construction of a premarital agreement. When I hired Evan, I asked him to provide me with an enforceable premarital agreement that clearly portrayed my intentions regarding our marital/personal property and was enforceable. He effectively provided that, but in addition helped me understand more clearly exactly what I wanted in the agreement and the consequences thereof. He was not just a "yes man," but made sure I fully understood what I wanted. This resulted in a stronger agreement than I expected, and I am grateful for Evan's diligence. In short, Evan helped me clarify what I wanted and then made that into a strong, enforceable document.

Evan also worked on a very tight timeline. This was entirely my fault; I came to him late in the game. Nevertheless, Evan still prepared my document with great care. I, of course, recommend starting earlier than I did and am extra grateful for Evan's fast turnaround time.

"Fantastic upstanding lawyer"

If you want a divorce process as painless as possible, hire Evan. He's smart, hardworking, responsive (I was able to call him off hours), honest, and extremely knowledgeable. Fixed rate fees are also a plus. You will be well taken care of by Evan.

"Excellent Lawyer"

I endorse this lawyer's work. Evan is the guy that I will recommend to everybody. He treats clients the way that makes us all proud.


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