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"Great Family Attorney"

I am very happy with the service I got. He is very professional and very knowledgeable. he really helped me with my son's name change. and I got results faster then I thought.

"A Lawyer You Can Recommend"

I really enjoyed working with Evan as I felt he was honest and professional and yet caring about the emotions that were tied up in my case. He was diligent and followed up on all aspects.

Family Client
Evan is the real deal. He helped me through a difficult divorce and made it as easy as possible. He is very warm and easy to talk to. His practice is also extremely modern. All of the legal documents going back and forth were digital. There is always a copy on the secure server and another in your personal email. Recently, a friend of mine at work asked me how I was able to navigate through all the paperwork required in a California divorce. I recommended Evan Braunstein. My co-worker's situation is working out as well for her as it did for me.

Dave M.
Great attention to detail!!

Evan helped me with a very difficult custody and visitation case. His attention to detail and professionalism really allowed me to understand all my options. I was able to not only get the weekends I was looking for but I was able to get alternating holidays. Seeing my daughter regularly really does so much for me and my Family I am forever in debt to Evan with his knowledge and support.

I would highly recommend Evan as an attorney. He really knows his stuff!

Jonathan M.
Evan assisted me in a very complex custody case, if not for his knowledge and professionalism I may not have gotten the knowledge and information that I needed, given the way the court system and assistance personnel were not helpful. Evan was prompt with all filings and gave me any insight I needed, he was able to work with me on the monetary amount needed for representation and he even followed through with me on a couple of things that need to be done after his retainment ended. A true professional through it all and if I ever need representation in the future he will be my first call.

Martha C.
Highly recommended!

I am very pleased with Evan's professionalism in handling my divorce. Even more so with the fact that Evan was consulting with me remotely. I was in the SF Bay Area and Evan is in SoCal. As such Evan was very proactive in keeping me updated on issues related to the case. He is also very prompt and responsive when I brought up questions and issues. I loved the fact that he will quote you a flat fee for the entire case at the beginning of the consultation. I felt his fees were VERY reasonable considering the level of service I got from him.

Considering that we were working remotely, I also wanted to highlight how Evan's leverage of technology provided me with an extra degree of convenience and service that other attorneys might not provide. Evan's client portal on his website provided both of us the means to exchange documents for my case and for non-urgent communications. This really fit in well as I'm sure we both don't always have the time to talk on the phone or drop packages off at the post office. The client portal serves as a general data and communications repository to review or revisit later. I feel this is a HUGE benefit to any client! Lastly, Evan allowed me to video conference with him for certain milestone events in my case which I thought was a great gesture.

“Excellent Representation”

I am absolutely moved by the work ethic Mr. Braunstein put forth in my case. There were many details that had to be addressed properly in order to get the best possible outcome for my children and me. His knowledge and care allowed him to tackle each issue without stumbling. I, like many others, have never experienced a situation so devastating for my family both emotionally and financially. However, Evan was able to inform me in a way that gave me strength when I had none. He did not make promises about the case, but he kept me clearly informed about what could or could not happen. This allowed me to prepare. We all know that there is very little one can do to quell a seriously concerned parent. Yet somehow Evan’s competence gave me confidence. Mr. Braunstein was very attentive to me and made many unconventional exceptions in order to handle my case from out of state. He is technologically savvy which allowed him to be quick on his feet when the need arose. Overall Evan Braunstein put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that I was represented to the fullest. As I told him after winning the case and helping to ensure mine and my children’s future, you gave me the ability to do what I would never have been able to do for myself. I spoke to many attorneys before him and all were very leery about taking on my cause because I was out of state. Mr. Braunstein rose to the challenge and did it for a reasonable fee. My children will benefit greatly from the extremely persistent work that Evan Braunstein put forth for fairness in my case.

“In the worst times, you need the right lawyer“

In 2008 I went through the difficult and hurtful process of divorce. Throughout the months of working with Mr. Braunstein, I came to the realization that Mr Braunstein was an invaluable ally. At all times I was kept well informed by office meetings, phone calls, emails and any questions I had were promptly and professionally answered. The fixed fee guideline was reasonable and certain in its progressive phases. I am very thankful that my first experience dealing with a lawyer (especially in that traumatic time), was an asset; not a detriment.

“Excellent divorce lawyer”

Evan was recommended to me by a very good friend who himself is a lawyer. Before I met him, I was told he was very knowledgeable, responsive, and personable. I had high expectations and Evan exceeded them. He handled my divorce case expertly. He communicated with me throughout the process and was able to resolve all the details promptly and with care. I would highly recommend Evan to anyone looking for an effective lawyer who is also very amicable and compassionate.

“Outstanding Experience”

I know that there is a stigma that goes with dealing with an attorney. Evan really made me personally rethink that lawyers conduct their business with their clients. Evan was easily reachable and prompt in returning calls. I never felt cheated, talked down to or improperly billed and when it came to doing what he said he would, Evan over delivered. Evan dealt with the issues that I did not want to be consumed with. He cared about me and my family. And when the case settled, not only did I feel good about the outcome, I felt even better about the way my case was handled.

“Outstanding Counsel”

I have consulted with Evan Braunstein on a variety of transactional and litigation based legal issues over the last couple of years. I am very satisfied with the personal attention and care that he brings to my matters. He has provided me with prompt, courteous and effective help and I fully recommend his services.

“Great Family Law Attorney”

I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding representation you gave me regarding my divorce case. I was a little leery about hiring you at first because. I have been going through this case for close to 10 years and before you, I had 2 other attorneys that I had to let go because of unnecessary billing and just not getting the job done. The Judge said it best, (YOUR SERVICE WENT OVER AND BEYOND) You stayed up really late and even met me at your office when everyone else was watching T.V or in bed. If you ever need a recommendation, feel free to give them my phone number or even my email and I will be happy to speak with any of your future clients. I’m really impressed with your work habits, negotiation skills, and your truthfulness.


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