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How Online Collaborative Tools Can Make Your Divorce Less Stressful

Saturday, January 17th, 2009
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As an additional, optional, feature of my Los Angeles Divorce and Family Law Practice, my clients have 24×7 access to all of their case documents and calendar on our secure online site.

Our site is simple, fast, safe and efficient offering the tools you need

  • Simple- If you can access your email on the internet, you can access your account. To access your account, first, log in with a provided name and password. Then, you will see an overview of the most recent information, and tabs to click for messages, calendars, and uploaded files.

  • Fast- If anyone enters a piece of information (such as a message, a calendar entry, or an uploaded file) we are each notified within about 15 minutes by email of the entry. The information is immediately accessible and remains on the site, and can be commented on, edited, or referenced. This is useful to check a court date or exchange brief conversation. It is a quick and efficient communication tool enabling you to promptly review documents.

  • Safe- We use SSL data encryption for all of your information. This is the same technology that banks, hospitals, and online merchants use to keep your information safe. This is more secure than normal web-based email. If you are uncomfortable with certain documents or information being stored on the site, then we can use it on a more limited basis. We will remove any or all of your information anytime you ask and always to the end of your case.

  • Efficient- Using online collaborative tools with my clients allows me to work better, faster, and smarter than I otherwise could. This leads to a higher quality, more efficient, and less stressful legal representation.

  • There are many attorneys practicing all types of law, who use these types of online collaborative tools and other technologies to efficiently and effectively practice law. If you are in the Los Angeles area and are looking for a Los Angeles Family Law Attorney contact my office for a free consultation.

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