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Preparing For Your Initial Consultation With A Family Law Attorney

Sunday, April 26th, 2009
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I provide a free initial consultation for family law matters. This gives me an opportunity to meet with a potential client, learn about their situation and decide how I can most effectively represent them. I then prepare a detailed representation agreement that describes the specific legal services that I will provide in that particular case along with a fixed fee for those services. In a prior post, I suggested five questions to help you choose a family law attorney. Below are five things to bring with you to an initial consultation to help you and the family law attorney evaluate your case.

  1. A recent credit report- you can obtain this free online from places like or Costco

  2. Copies of state and federal tax returns for the last two years

  3. Copies of your pay stubs for the last two months

  4. An organized file containing all of the papers filed in this case, if the case has already been filed

  5. A list of basic information for all of the people involved in the matter, including the other party, his or her attorney, your children, and all employers

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